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John Urban artistic biography

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John Urban is a master jeweller who has been handcrafting fine jewelery since 1974. John thrives on creating Celtic Wedding Rings with select works of interwoven art that ring true, with beauty on the surface, and meaning from within.

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Sculpture For Sale:"What I Always Wanted"
BIO: 1971-Present

If my mother did not serve me eggs For breakfast almost every morning, I would not be a jeweller today. You see, I became bored with the lack of variety, and began to play with my food. My favorite was fried eggs, sunny up, and with a tine of my fork, I would gently peel back the membrane that covered the yolk, without breaking it, before starting to eat it. My mother would frequently compliment my dexterity, telling me she could imagine me doing eye operations in the future, as a surgeon. After years of this, the suggestion that I WAS good with my hands became firmly planted. I did like working with them, and I still do. May arthritis stay away from my door....

Rings To Fall In Love With By John Urban

Artist's Biography of John Urban

All it took was a little bad luck. But sometimes bad luck can force a change in direction that leads to good luck in big bunches. If a garage mechanic hadn't wrecked my truck in 1971, I wouldn't be doing Jewelry today...

My love of working with my hands is something I picked up from my father. As well, early in my life, my parents noticed I had an ability to do very delicate things, and they encouraged me, while suggesting I might one day become a surgeon. Many years later, after finally completing my pre-medical school studies, I decided that was not how I was meant to express this ability. I changed direction, and tried photography, pottery, and then, sculpture.

Right about here, is where an incompetent garage mechanic intervened to change my direction in life from sculpture to Jewelry-making. It was the winter of 1972, and I had brought my pickup truck in to a garage in Montreal for servicing. The mechanic didn't put the correct antifreeze mix in, and during a bitter cold spell, the engine block split. I was left with no means of transporting the large chunks of raw soapstone I needed for the sculptures I was doing then. I had little money - those were hard times - and no transportation.

Someone repaid a loan I had made with the smallest motorcycle known to man, a Kawasaki 90 cc. I lived 15 miles outside of the city, and delivered what work I could fit on this tiny motorcycle to places in Montreal. Things weren't going well, and I decided to rethink my situation. 'What can I make that's small, and sculptural, that I can create from materials I already have?' Soapstone, wood, bone and some shells were all I had to work with. Up to this point, I did not like Jewelry. However, I had recently seen a beautiful bone ring made by an Inuit, and that had given me an idea.

I had a bunch of bones I'd collected for a sculptural project that would have never fit on my motorcycle. So I scrapped that idea and considered using some of the bones to make miniature, portable sculptures - in other words - Jewelry.

Looking at Jewelry as miniature sculpture changed my attitude towards it, and I began experimenting with bone and abalone shell rings.

Although beautiful, bone was impractical. At this point I realized the advantages of working in silver. I approached a friend who was making silver Jewelry at the time and bought some silver and tools from him, along with a five-minute lesson on the intricacies of soldering jewelry. I quickly went to work making a variety of silver and abalone Jewelry, discovering silver to be an excellent solution to my technical problems. To my great joy, my Jewelry began to sell too. I began to realize that silver had a lot of potential. It was satisfying to work with - I had come to like Jewelry!

For a while I experimented with disc Jewelry. These rings and bracelets had a thick silver wire core, on which silver or gold discs were strung like beads on a cord. The discs were free-spinning, except at the ends, where they were soldered onto the wire core. Although precious stones are nice to work with, I also appreciate the possibilities of lightweight acrylic resin used like a gemstone, where stones would be too heavy, or impractical. These earrings took an awful long time to make however.

Eventually, I drifted towards Celtic patterns and designs, as I was impressed with the messages they appeared to conceal. Not ever having written any books, apart from copying Bibles, the Celts developed ways of using visual symbols to tell a story. Accordingly the components of this image, stylized Irish wolfhounds, Cormorants, or plants became the vocabulary. The way they are used becomes the grammar of the message.

- John Urban


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