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John Urban is a master jeweller who has been handcrafting fine jewelery since 1974. John thrives on creating Celtic Wedding Rings with select works of interwoven art that ring true, with beauty on the surface, and meaning from within.
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Good morning, John:-- The rings arrived safely, day-before-yesterday, and to say that we're pleased with them would be an understatement. They are outstanding in design, execution and fit! We put them on and they are so comfortable that it feels like we've been wearing them forever. The compliments are already coming -- someone whom I've never met before sat down beside me at a meeting yesterday and immediately remarked on my beautiful ring. I think I'll start waving my hand in the air.... Thank you again for the excellent customer service and outstanding products. We'll be promoting you whenever appropriate -- and we never would have found you, except for the Internet! Many thanks,  Lois Y.

Thanks very much, Lois! And I am happy that you are pleased. You know, every so often, I get a potential customer who's really cautious, doubtful, maybe even suspicious...who probably got burned in some transaction on the internet. I know it happens, because I get contacted by the opposite side; "customers" who want to get my work for free, using stolen credit cards, not even to mention all the spam scams that come in the email every day. Would it be possible to use this email of yours occasionally, as a customer reference?  John Urban

You go right ahead and use the comments whenever they might be helpful!   Lois Y.

Rings To Fall In Love With By John Urban

Complex-Weave Celtic knot ring in 14kt rose gold with 1 carat fine white diamond

This more intricate Celtic interweave is shown in 14kt rose gold, with a one carat diamond. I love bezel settings-note that I do not set diamonds in prongs. This smooth, secure style of setting avoids several problems, and keeps the diamond very clean. 14kt weight price around $600 for size 6. Diamond, or other gemstones are extra.


Complex-Weave for Diamond: Detailed Pricing, Another Image


Here is the Tree-of-Life design for single diamond, shown for comparison, with both unblackened matte, and blackened background, in 14kt white and yellow gold. The fine white Canadian diamonds are 6mm size, almost 1 carat.

Tree-of-Life for single diamond: Detailed Pricing, Another Image


Over one hundred years ago a boy digging potatoes in Reerasta Rath near Ardaugh made the richest discovery of early Christian objects in Ireland. Among those objects was a silver chalice that is the finest piece of eighth-century metalwork that has ever come to light. Now named the Ardaugh Chalice, it had been used in an ancient monastery for the sacred sacrement of Holy Communion.

Running around the underside of the bowl is a delightful strip of Celtic spiral art, which inspired my own version of that design for this Celtic wedding ring.

One ring is shown set with a 1/2 carat white sapphire; the other, with a fine diamond. Can you tell which is what? Click on the pricing link to find out...

Ardaugh Spirals for Diamond: Detailed Pricing, Another Image


Just a simple Celtic interweave for a stone setting. Shown with a 1/2 carat diamond, in 14kt white gold. Also looks nice with white, or other coloured sapphires, ruby, emerald, or garnet. The clean, smooth bezel setting protects the stone very well, also keeping it clean.

Ring and stone priced separately, so cost depends on your selection of gemstone and precious metal. Also available in sterling silver, with just about any semiprecious gemstone. Shown below, is the ring in 14kt white gold, with a 1 carat emerald.

Ribbon-Weave for Diamond Celtic Ring: Detailed Pricing, Another Image

This custom engagement ring has a 6mm aquamarine, provided by the customer, set in rose gold, which enhances the blue aquamarine through contrast. However, a fine white diamond would have more sparkle.

Inspired by a carved stone in Drumcliffe, Ireland, I created this design with a certain symbolism in mind. These dogs represent trust, affection, faithfulness, and unconditional love. Their elongated ears are closely intertwined symbolizing mutual sensitivity. But their tails, a means of personal expression, are separately intertwined, and have different terminations, symbolizing a blend of mutual sensitivity that allows for freedom of personal expression.

Available in 14kt gold, or sterling silver, with the gemstone of your choice.

Another option for setting a single diamond; and a view of the full Drumcliff Dogs pattern on each side

Drumcliff Dogs: Variations, Pricing, Another Image

This Dancing Triskels ring of 14kt rose gold, with a fine blue sapphire, is more narrow than the above version with bumper rings. I would normally have used a round stone, but this was a custom engagement ring order, and the client wanted to use this beautiful sapphire he'd picked up in his travels.

Narrow Triskels With Stone: Detailed Pricing, Another Image

Natural gemstones, in addition to their beauty, also can be seen to symbolize eternity, as they began to form deep inside the Earth even before life crawled out of the oceans to walk upon the land. During the time it took for Nature to create these gems, dinosaurs could have come and gone. That's how long it takes for natural gemstone crystals to form.

The most durable stones for wedding and engagement rings are the hardest gemstones, such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, etc. Please note that I only use bezel settings, which protect best and keep the gemstone secure and clean. Smooth and practical, a bezel setting will never catch on your clothing, which is the main cause of broken prongs, leading to loss of the gemstone. Please inquire regarding stone possibilities and prices.


custom engagement ring with 5mm emerald set in white gold custom engagement ring with 6mm spessartine garnet in yellow gold custom engagement ring with 5mm emerald set in white gold
custom engagement ring with 5mm ruby cabochon set in white gold custom engagement ring with 5.5mm sapphire set in white gold custom engagement ring with 5mm sapphire cabochon set in white gold
custom engagement ring with 5.5mm sapphire set in yellow gold custom engagement ring with oval sapphire cabochon set in white gold custom engagement ring with 4mm emerald set in white gold

These are examples of some custom engagement rings set with a variety of precious coloured gemstones. My Celtic designs which can be used for this type of gemstone ring are: the Tree-of-Life, Ribbon-Weave, Drumcliff Dogs, Dancing Triskels, and Repeating Brentfords patterns.


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