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John Urban is a master jeweller who has been handcrafting fine jewelery since 1974. John thrives on creating Celtic Wedding Rings with select works of interwoven art that ring true, with beauty on the surface, and meaning from within.

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Customer Feedback:
Hello, John, We just wanted to let you know how pleased we are in having discovered you and your work. We love our rings, and they hold up very well, in spite of all the work we have to do on our farm. You advised us to remove them whenever we work with stone, or gravel, or weeding in our garden, since stone can scratch any of the precious metals, which is why they still look great! Ted and Susanna  


Taken from an illustration in the Book of Kells, (a fabulous 1200 year-old Celtic Biblical Gospels manuscript), this pattern speaks of interconnectedness, (like in a family tree), of all living things, and of evolution. This is one of the root concepts of Celtic culture. I guess you could say the Celts were the original ecologists, realizing that man's life is interconnected with all of Nature.

Standard sizes available.

Tree of Life Celtic Band: Pricing, Another Image


I see the Triskel as a Celtic symbol of eternity- the past, present, and future. Each triskel is linked to another, like one lifetime following another, which might symbolize reincarnation.

Available in two proportions: as shown left to right; 8.5mm, and 7.5mm widths.

Dancing Triskels: Pricing, Another Image


This is quite an ancient design, borrowed by the Celts from even earlier cultures. I find it simple, yet elegant. Shown are two proportions; on the left, 5mm width, a size 9, costing $790. On the right, 6.5mm width, costing $1,185.



Long before France existed, when it was known as Gaul, its Celtic inhabitants had developed graceful curved templates to aid in drawing, carving, and engraving their artwork. Even those who conquered the Celts admired their artistic skills, and long after their culture was assimilated in Europe, their drawing tools remained in use. These came to be known as French Curves.

A Celtic artifact from over 2,000 years ago was my inspiration for creating this design, which harmoniously combines a variety of changing and spiralling Celtic curves.

Available in 14kt white, yellow, and rose gold, plain (as shown above); and with gold bumpers. Also available in sterling, plain; or with gold bumpers.


Ardaugh Spirals - Fine: This is my own version of the delightful engraving that runs beneath the bowl of the famous Ardaugh Chalice. Most of the design elements are based on the number 3, which on the Chalice, was meant to symbolize the Holy Trinity. As well, these elements in previous Celtic culture probably symbolized Eternity-the past, present, and future. On the Chalice, the design was circular, without beginning or end.

Standard sizes available. Width is 9.5mm with bumpers, 7mm without.

Ardaugh Spirals - Fine:    Pricing, More Images


Ardaugh Spirals - Bold: A slightly different version of the same pattern, derived from the Ardaugh Chalice.

Standard sizes available. Width is 9.5mm with bumpers, 7mm without.

Ardaugh Spirals - Bold:    Pricing, More Images

The Celts certainly loved their spiral designs, for their beauty, and for their symbolism. As well, they invented countless beautiful variations of them. This rolling spiral pattern has variable thickness, and cell-like openings that give it a very organic, plantlike look.

Standard sizes available. Width is 9.5mm with bumpers, 7mm without.

Rolling Organic Spirals: Pricing, Another Image


From around 500 to 350 BC, Celtic culture borrowed certain design elements from ancient Egyptian and Greek sources, and refashioned them, as they developed their own distinctive artistic style. This thickened S-curve motif was used in many decorative configurations. But what you see here, is my own design

Standard sizes available. Width is 7mm.

Early Celtic Waves: Pricing


La Tène refers to the Late Celtic style, which used very organic curls and counter-curls, such as were formed in the smoke I watched rising off a cigarette. It seemed to form Celtic La Tène shapes, which I quickly sketched, and later used for this design.

This ring is available in two proportions: as shown above left to right; 8.5mm, and 7.5mm widths with bumpers. Without bumpers; 7.5mm and 6.5mm, (which you can view by clicking on its pricing page link, just below). Either proportion is available in all finger sizes.

La Tène Curls Ring: Variations, Pricing, Another Image


A traditional Celtic knotted ribbon design available plain, or with 14kt gold bumper rings. In addition to visually framing the pattern, the bumper rings also protect the pattern from scratches.

Available in 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm widths.

Ribbon-Weave Celtic Band: Variations, Pricing, Another Image


A more complex traditional Celtic knot ring design available plain at 7mm, or with 14kt gold bumper rings, making its width 9mm. The round centre interweave is a Celtic design rich in symbolism. Shown on the left is a 14kt yellow gold band with white gold bumpers, and on the right, one in sterling, with 14kt rose gold bumpers.

Available in 7mm, and 9mm widths.

Complex-Weave Celtic Band:   Variations, Pricing, Another Image



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