John Urban is a master jeweller who has been handcrafting fine jewelery since 1974. John thrives on creating Celtic Wedding Rings and select works of interwoven art that ring true; with beauty on the surface, and meaning from within.

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IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Customer Feedback:
hello. I bought my husband's wedding band from you almost 2years ago. I wanted to let you know he gets compliments everyday on it. We thoroughly enjoy it, and it's meaning. We've given your info out many times. Keep up the good work, you are truly a gifted artist.  Christina.

Here are presented a variety of Celtic wedding rings featuring 1 to 3 fine diamonds set low and smooth. There are several advantages to this type of diamond setting; it protects the diamonds, keeps them clean, and with no high prongs to snag on clothing, they can also be worn with gloves.

As well, they are narrow enough to be considered engagement rings, since another narrow band can be worn with them on the same finger.

Derived from an illustration in the Book of Kells, (a fabulous 1200 year-old Celtic manuscript of the Biblical Gospels), this pattern speaks of interconnectedness, (like in a family tree) of all living things, the idea of fertility in nature, and the theme of cyclical birth, death, and the resurrection that comes with Spring. This is one of the root concepts of Celtic culture. Same design as the Tree of Life Band, but with the addition of one, two, or three brilliant white diamonds.

Shown above, with unblackened matte background finish and fine white diamonds; Clockwise, from the left;

6mm wide 14kt rose gold band with .30 carats fine diamonds, in a woman's size. It is also available with .35 carats-(not shown).

6mm 14kt yellow gold with .30 carats

5.5mm wide 14kt yellow gold with .15 carats

5.5mm 14kt yellow gold with .30 carats Pricing, Another Image

A magnificent Celtic artifact found in the River Thames at Battersea, England was my inspiration for this wedding ring design. This very beautiful bronze cover for a wooden shield is one of the most treasured Celtic artifacts of all time. I was fascinated by it ever since I discovered Celtic art; but it took me ages before I could come up with a good adaptation of its primary design element that is suitable for wedding or engagement ring. I feel I finally succeeded. I hope you agree.

Shown above, on the left, with three .10 carat fine white diamonds, 5.25mm wide, in 14kt yellow gold. Beside it, with one .10 carat fine white diamond, and of a slightly larger proportion, 6.5mm wide.

Please contact me for current price quotes. If you can supply some, or all of the gold needed for your ring, you can get a significant discount, of up to 30% off the full price (apart from the diamonds).

The picture above shows the terminations of this design on the underside of the ring.

Below is a pair of Battersea Curls bands, the one on the left, without stones, is 7mm wide, and its partner, with .30 carats of fine diamonds, is 5mm wide.

This is quite an ancient design, borrowed by the Celts from even earlier cultures. I find it simple, yet elegant. Shown are two proportions with fine white diamonds. The upper ring is 7mm wide, a finger size 9, with a .15 carat diamond, and weighs 7 grams. The lower ring is 5.25mm wide, with a .10 carat diamond. It is a finger size 7.

Long before France existed, when it was known as Gaul, its Celtic inhabitants had developed graceful curved templates to aid in drawing, carving, and engraving their artwork. Even those who conquered the Celts admired their artistic skills, and long after their culture was assimilated in Europe, their drawing tools remained in use. These came to be known as French Curves.

A Celtic artifact from over 2,000 years ago was my inspiration for creating this design, which harmoniously combines a variety of changing and spiralling Celtic curves.

Shown above, without diamonds, 7mm wide, in 14kt yellow gold, a size 10. Below it, with .20 carats of fine white diamonds, and 7.5mm wide, is a size 7 ring.

Pricing, Another Image

Shown here are 35 points of fine white diamonds, set in 14kt rose gold. On the price page you can see the full pattern from the side.

Pricing, Another Image

Shown above on right with 30 points of fine diamonds in 14kt white gold. Also available with a 15-point centre diamond, totalling 35 points. On bottom, shown with 45 points of diamonds in 14kt yellow gold. (One carat = 100 points).

Shown here are 35 points of fine diamonds, set in 14kt rose gold. There is a big visual difference in setting white diamonds in rose, or yellow gold, compared to white gold. Which do you prefer?

A traditional Celtic knotted ribbon design available in 14kt gold framing three fine white diamonds.

Standard sizes available.

Ribbon Weave Band for Three Diamonds: Pricing Info

All my Celtic ring styles suitable for one gemstone can be adapted to accept 3 small faceted gemstones of equal size. Birthstones are of varying hardnesses, and the softer stones will show some wear before the harder ones will, especially if the ring is worn every day. Harder stones are best for the long-term.

Please inquire regarding stone possibilities and prices.

Rings For 3 Gemstones Pricing

This ring has my domed Brentford pattern on top, and Triskels patterns on both sides of the shank. It is shown set with 3 white sapphires; but the stones would show more sparkle if they were diamonds, or cubic zirconias. Being recessed the stones are protected, and are firmly set without the use of claws, making it smooth on top and completely snag-free. This 14kt ring currently costs $1,540, plus gemstones. It looks better set with white, clear gemstones, than it does with coloured gems.

Please inquire regarding stone possibilities and prices.



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